NPR Bound

My lady, otherwise known as the lovely Elysabeth Hahm, has landed the gig of all gigs.

She does not start work until 5 p.m. and gets out at 8 p.m. everyday. Not only that, she can comfortably survive out here with the amount they are paying her. What does she do? Radio. She does radio and does it big.

It's funny, when you listen to talk radio you always picture some face behind the voice. It may even be a vague image but you always do. Minutes before Liz hit the waves for the first time my curiosity sparked because I wondered what people would think she looked like when they heard her voice. I was sourly surprised...She sounded too good to be true.

She spoke with a subtle smoothness enhanced with sophisticated sag-ways. She sounded like a veteran capable of always putting a fresh perspective on things. But she also sounded, for a lack of better words, super attractive. I immediately thought, "I'm screwed." I had joked the week leading up to her debut that she was the next big thing in Seoul. I did not realize that she would be the next 'hot' chick in Seoul. I got really nervous when this thought surfaced but quickly dismissed that silly notion when the reality of the situation rapidly came into perspective.

In that moment her voice rang though ears and speakers throughout Korea. This was the biggest English speaking radio station in Seoul and her 30-minute segment played at 7:30 p.m., prime-time.

My emotions quickly turned toward genuine pride. Of all the things she has done in her life this is by far the biggest challenge and with the most at stake. If she failed, she would be jobless. If she succeeded, coming to Korea instantaneously became a hugely profitable decision.

So she did what she does best; smiled, giggled and rode the wave through, grounded head at the ready. And she sounded absolutely incredible.

She has just entered her fourth week on the job and has officially staked her place behind a mic. It's quite impressive to say the least. Prior to this she only had experience in print media and had never really done any type of public speaking. You would not know it when she comes on air.

The station (http://www.tbs.seoul.kr/ENG/) enjoys her tremendously and the show is picking up momentum. I must also mention that I have been a guest caller three times since the start of the show and I, eh-hem, attribute most of the shows success directly to my calls.

With that being said, it's good being Liz right now. Did I mention she doesn't have to use an alarm clock!?!?

Get Lost my friends.....


  1. Wow, babe, I'm speechless. I don't know what I did to deserve such a, um, HUGE compliment, but I'm touched. Thank you, love.

    Of course, my gig is not as big of a deal as you make it seem but it makes me happy to know I make you proud. I love you and I couldn't do it without you ^^ (btw, I don't know what that symbol means but a lot of Koreans do it and I think it means something happy or good).

  2. Liz is being modest people. This is a huge gig! Don't listen to her!

    ...And I think it's squinty eyes because you are grinning so hard.

  3. Oh, you guys are too cute.
    I heard just a short clip and she sounded good. I can't wait until we can get access to download past programs. Get on it, you two. Find a way to make that possible. I tweeted The Evening Show and mentioned that most English speaking listeners do not have citizen ID numbers. They said, sorry. You need. :O

    BTW, Robert thinks it's funny that you get petted by the little creatures. And ^^ is a smiley face, you goofball.


  4. tee hee hee. Ha ha ha ha ha.
    hhhuuuuuueeee. Tee hee. Bah ha ha ha.

  5. Too cute - I believe everything Mark says! :) ^^

  6. sooo happy for lys!! such an awesome gig! how do i get a hold of a recording!? i want to hear her sexy voice too! lol

    Mark, thank you for an amazing Saturday-early-afternoon read for me. I laughed out loud, cried in pain, and thoroughly enjoyed your robust blog postings. so so great.

    keep postin friend.

    btw. how many lbs have you shed!?

  7. Below is the link to the Dec 16th broadcast. Copy & paste to address bar.

    No paid membership for Mega Upload required... just wait the 45 seconds for "regular download" to become available (versus Premium).

    After downloading the file. Use "open with" and select the media program you want to use. I use Window Media Player. Her segment is about at 30-35 minute mark.