Cabi Love

My relationship with cab drivers has traditionally been rocky. I simply can't stand anyone that wakes up in the morning and asks themselves, "I wonder how many people I can knowingly rip off today?" And this is an absolute embellishment, of course. But within, I would say, 80% of the cabies I have stepped into, they have tried to rip me off. These cabies span across California, New York, D.C., Italy, France, London, Thailand and Mexico (the absolute worst). Frankly, I've seen 'em all.

My buddy Jeff used to say that my bad rapport was a direct result of me calling taxi driver's, cabies. He may be correct, but I know for a fact, many people can relate to my backseated hostility.

And then there is Korea. Ahh, the splendid nature of people being well paid, trustworthy, complimentary but sometimes indifferent to politeness.

The country is not poor and capitalism is thriving. Business for taxis? Check. All people here trust their neighbors immediately. Trustworthy taxi divers? Check. All people also constantly comment on your appearance. Rear-view mirroring taxi drivers? Check. And, because of a very long war with their northern neighbors, all people here are slightly edgy when the situation calls for it. Somewhat grumpy taxi drivers? Check.

Taxi's are also relatively cheap here, so I take them often. Many rides happen in silence. Other times they work on their English (these are annoying because I am paying for their English lesson). But sometimes, every few weeks, I will get an overly complimentary driver.

Example: This is a conversation with a middle-aged taxi driver in Busan last weekend. (Notice I did not call him cabi.)

"Hello. You American?"
"Ohh, wow, you are very handsome. Very handsome, yes."
"Ha, thank you."
"You teacher?"
"Oh, wow, very handsome...yes."

This went on for 20 minutes. How can you not enjoy getting into the back of that taxi?

Example 2: Thanksgiving night in Seoul and I'm late meeting friends for dinner because he made a wrong turn. I know this because his GPS keeps chirping at him.

"I am sorry. I made mistake."
"No problem," I say back.
"No, big mistake. No charge," he relents.
"No no, that's OK. It's not a problem."
"OK discount. Big discount," he says nervously.
"Thank you but really, it's no problem," I say.

He was not buying it. He kept insisting I take a discount. Once we stopped at the restaurant I shoveled him the fare and said, "Thank very much. I paid because appreciated your honesty." He said thanks but actually looked sorrowful when receiving the money.

Considering my history with cabies, this event felt miraculous. But that moment did not last long.

That same weekend my wife and I were scolded for talking to loudly and like little kids. We giggled it off, making him more upset. He was grumpy. We all are. But, I must mention that to his credit, he had no intention of ripping us off.

And to be honest, I would take a scolding over a crooked cabi ride any day.

....Get Lost my friends.


Oh Man, I'm Blowing It.

OK, you're right. I am not blogging enough. My lady called me out tonight by saying, "you are going to lose followers if you never blog."

I replied by lying with an excuse attached.

"I don't do it for followers. I do it for myself," I said.

I might as well have been holding a picket sign exclaiming, "Pompous Idiot."

I do actually do this for the people that read it. The majority of you are my family, friends and/or otherwise friends of friends that I will most likely meet at some point or another. With that being said, I like when you guys read it.

So, I have decided to ask you for help instead of make excuses about why I don't blog...

Tell me what you want me to talk about. Ask me anything (somewhat G rated if possible). Comment on this post and I'll answer your question in a short paragraph or two aimed at making you laugh and hopefully be able to attach a picture or two...I promise.

After all, if I just wanted to write about my day to day, I'd buy a journal. This is meant to serve another purpose. What's the purpose? Who knows. Who cares. It's all in good fun, right.

get Lost my friends...AND COMMENT!


Snow Life

This is my first lengthy experience with winter. Actual winter. I'm from a part of Southern California where the winter equates to people driving 25 mph slower when it drizzles and the temperature never, I mean never, get below 40 degrees.

For those of you that were unaware, Korea has an actual winter. We are talking 6 degree temps, snow, layering, your face getting as white as the section of your body below your waste but just above your mid-thigh, snow, a numb face, snow, staying indoors even when the sun is out and even more, snow. All of these things remain pretty foreign to me.

Yet, in this new experience, there are a few things that stick out the most.

1.) I have never been afraid of anything that does not move, until now. Black ice; you are an ominous little creation.

2.) I need to allow an extra 3 minutes for getting ready in the morning because I now wear a big coat, beanie, scarf, gloves and sometimes dual socks. If I don't I am wildly cold on my way to work. The only problem with this is my work commute is literally a 2-minute bike ride and my co-workers look at me weird because I am bundled-up like I just got off the set of "Fargo".

3.) Snow falling between buildings and nestling onto city streets still stands as one of the most beautiful sights I know.

4.) Don't go to tropical climates (Thailand) for your winter vacation when snow and ice await your return. Total bummer. I completely blew it on that one.


It's actually not that bad, which is reassuring. I feel like living in any major city in the U.S. is doable now because I know I can handle some intense winter weather.

Then again, I have a feeling that the black ice has yet to strike it's devilish ways upon me.

...Get Lost my friends.



All I have to say... you exhaust me. I'm too tired to post anything about my trip 8 days in Thailand. Just know, I will never forget that unique of a place.