Oh Man, I'm Blowing It.

OK, you're right. I am not blogging enough. My lady called me out tonight by saying, "you are going to lose followers if you never blog."

I replied by lying with an excuse attached.

"I don't do it for followers. I do it for myself," I said.

I might as well have been holding a picket sign exclaiming, "Pompous Idiot."

I do actually do this for the people that read it. The majority of you are my family, friends and/or otherwise friends of friends that I will most likely meet at some point or another. With that being said, I like when you guys read it.

So, I have decided to ask you for help instead of make excuses about why I don't blog...

Tell me what you want me to talk about. Ask me anything (somewhat G rated if possible). Comment on this post and I'll answer your question in a short paragraph or two aimed at making you laugh and hopefully be able to attach a picture or two...I promise.

After all, if I just wanted to write about my day to day, I'd buy a journal. This is meant to serve another purpose. What's the purpose? Who knows. Who cares. It's all in good fun, right.

get Lost my friends...AND COMMENT!


  1. Mark Ratto, your sister, Kaylen here:
    1. Write about things that you see that are totally different than living in the states.
    2. Write about small things in human interactions that you otherwise wouldn't encounter if you lived in the 'burbs.
    3. Write about the kinds of things that Koreans are interested in, how they entertain themselves, the kinds of things that they talk about.
    4. How much you miss your family, don't miss your family.
    5. Your bucket list of things you want to do while in Asia.
    6. How it feels to be 15 hours ahead.
    7. Uh, what you do for fun.
    8. The joys and challenges of teaching.
    9. Life, as an adult.
    10. Jokes, lots of jokes.

    I miss you Mark and love this blog. Keep it up!

  2. Ditto all of the above!

    I loved reading about the baseball experience, your descriptions of the kids, their personalities, the holiday musical.

    I also enjoy reading from your perspective the people you meet, such as the intimate stranger.

    How about your perspective on the Korean food? Are you just so tired of it all and just want a pan of lasagna?

    Keep the stories coming. We can't get enough!

  3. Ditto and ditto - I love hearing about your daily stuff cause it helps me feel closer to you. Maybe we should all have blogs, so you know what is going on here....mmmm an idea is popping into my head....

  4. I know, Elysabeth. Sigh . . . Fast forward 1 month. As we converse, 'll get the shameful mom head shake for not having taught you Korean. You'll get the shameful head shake for being so disrespectful to your heritage. Sorry!

  5. Haha...Totally not your fault Susan. We are learning as we speak!