May Video

On June 2nd, I experienced incredible love. The kind of love that only comes around, well, once in a lifetime.

Elysabeth and I had a wedding in a backyard. Her backyard, in fact. The home her family has lived in for almost 15 years stands at over 120 years old. Sits on an acre lot. And provides the perfect setting for an occasion.

We returned to the states from Seoul for just over a month to prep. But, it's funny, no matter how much you prep for a wedding, there really is no telling how it'll turn out.

To be honest, our expectations were high. Shoot, Elysabeth's mom and aunt had been working quite diligently for over six months prior while we were still abroad. And in our month back, we worked overtime to get all the details squared away. So, with that in mind, we expected the shindig to run pretty smooth.

It did, of course, run smooth. The weather was Southern California perfection. The food was great. The dance party stayed bumpin'. And all aspects seemed to work out.

But at the end of the night, we didn't talk about any of that. All we kept saying was, "There was so much love out there tonight."

It is a powerful thing when over 320 people make a trip (some came from Australia, Canada, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, New York..all over the place) to your backyard and express their love. Elysabeth and I were overwhelmed at the amount of smiling faces, huge hugs and sincere sentences of love we received.

We understand that this was to celebrate our marriage, but we can't help but feel like it was about so much more.

The video below recaps the month and shows a time-lapse clip of the actual wedding. Enjoy...

May Video & Wedding Prep from Mark Ratto on Vimeo.

...get Lost my friends.


Making a Bed

Today, I made a bed. Generally, like anybody, this task produces a little grumble. It is quite annoying trying to pull each corner without the opposite corner flying up and ruining everything. This task has plagued me since I was young.

Today, I made a bed much the same way. I started at one corner, lifted the mattress and slipped the elastic corner of the sheet right into place. The next step would be at the diagonally opposite corner, naturally. But when I started heading over to that way, a beautiful woman walked into the room and took hold of that sheet. She promptly lifted the mattress, and slipped the sheet in. Perfection. That woman is my wife. We got married three weeks ago and in that moment, as she smirked and walked to the next corner, I understood.

Today, I made the best bed possible.

...get Lost my friends.