Making a Bed

Today, I made a bed. Generally, like anybody, this task produces a little grumble. It is quite annoying trying to pull each corner without the opposite corner flying up and ruining everything. This task has plagued me since I was young.

Today, I made a bed much the same way. I started at one corner, lifted the mattress and slipped the elastic corner of the sheet right into place. The next step would be at the diagonally opposite corner, naturally. But when I started heading over to that way, a beautiful woman walked into the room and took hold of that sheet. She promptly lifted the mattress, and slipped the sheet in. Perfection. That woman is my wife. We got married three weeks ago and in that moment, as she smirked and walked to the next corner, I understood.

Today, I made the best bed possible.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. This is so beautiful..Please keep writing...

    I also just posted your wedding on my blog!!

  2. One of the most beautiful paragraphs I have read in a very long time - you are a master Mark Ratto!

  3. AMAZING! yes, please keep writing!!