Biking to Busan

The Korean peninsula consists of two countries, North and South Korea. Seoul, South Korea's capital, is located about 150 miles south of the border between the two estranged countries.

Thus making Seoul the biggest city in the Northern part of South Korea. The country's second biggest city resides in the southern most part of South Korea, named Busan.

With that thrilling geography lesson behind us, I can get to the point...


The video below tells about the journey.

...get Lost my friends.


One Paragraph for April

So, my April skipped on by while I sprinted behind it, trying to catch up. The gist of last month can be summed up by the fact that I was in the midst of transitioning out of my 3 part-time jobs, signing a contract for a new job (P.E. teacher at English Speaking Highschool in Seoul), wrapping up 4 free-lance articles, sending my fiance off to America to plan for our wedding on June 2nd, getting ripped (muscle wise) for my beachside honeymoon in Mexico and a three-day 250-mile bike ride across South Korea. And in the middle of that still enjoying life amongst the wonderful people in Seoul. Needless to say, it was busy, but oh-so-good. I will never have another time like that, I presume, and because of that, May stands to be all-the-better as I joined my fiance in the states for wedding prep. Moral of the story, life can hop, skip, rush, jump, breeze and/or fly on by, but that's the only way I would want it. ...get Lost my friends. (PS-Bike trip video to come soon)