One Paragraph for April

So, my April skipped on by while I sprinted behind it, trying to catch up. The gist of last month can be summed up by the fact that I was in the midst of transitioning out of my 3 part-time jobs, signing a contract for a new job (P.E. teacher at English Speaking Highschool in Seoul), wrapping up 4 free-lance articles, sending my fiance off to America to plan for our wedding on June 2nd, getting ripped (muscle wise) for my beachside honeymoon in Mexico and a three-day 250-mile bike ride across South Korea. And in the middle of that still enjoying life amongst the wonderful people in Seoul. Needless to say, it was busy, but oh-so-good. I will never have another time like that, I presume, and because of that, May stands to be all-the-better as I joined my fiance in the states for wedding prep. Moral of the story, life can hop, skip, rush, jump, breeze and/or fly on by, but that's the only way I would want it. ...get Lost my friends. (PS-Bike trip video to come soon)


  1. I had to take a breath just to read that, busy busy busy! I can't wait to see your bike trip video!!! And work with you!!!!