Video for March

This is not my video, it is our video. By 'our', I mean the people that officially make me look cool. It's been a tough job, but they have stuck with it. And now I can legitimately say I belong to a photo club.

I know, that is obnoxiously cool, but hey, it feels so good when you say it.

The video below is something we made in about 3 hours while posted up in a really unique cafe near Insadong in Seoul, Korea. One of the best aspects of Korea is the cafe culture. We bought maybe 10 bucks worth of coffee and they let us occupy a whole corner of the place for way too long without any fuss from the workers.

The people in the video, by order of appearance, are Joanne Chun, me, Hannah Yoon, Michael Holmes, Lee Ann Baughn and Elysabeth Hahm.


...get Lost my friends.