Birthday Camera

My birthday came and went this past Saturday. I'm now 24-years-old but if you tack on the beard years, I can pass for 32. I'm cool with both.

Leading up to my birthday, I did not expect much gift wise. My only loved-one in Korea is my girlfriend Liz and even though she spends her nights on the radio, she has yet land a Laura Schlessinger type of pay check. She told me we were going to a really nice pizza place for dinner and then maybe some drinks after. Anything pizza related makes me giddy and I assumed she would give me a small gift, so I was set. To be honest, I anticipated a $40 hat from the "30's Italian gangsta era" we had seen a week earlier.

Well, what she got me just slightly surpassed my tacky expectations.

I opened a package on Saturday morning that will change my experience here in Seoul. Liz, with the help of my incredible family and friends (thank you guys so much), bought the perfect Digital SLR camera. The Lumix GF1. And trust me, it is a lot more expensive than that stupid hat.

I'm no photographer, but I hate bad pictures. This camera was something I started saving for 4 months ago. And now, I've got it.

The best presents are the one's you use on a daily basis. This present will make my daily basis look awesome. Here are a few.

{Happy B-Day toast.}

{This Korean dude can make pizza straight from my days in Rome.}
{New kicks. 25 bucks...Living close to China has it's perks.}

{Doesn't she have beautiful eyes?}

{As you most likely guessed, I am singing "We are the Champions" at the Karaoke joint.}

I need to thank my family once again. Without them this experience would feel much emptier than it has. If you have not spoken to your family in awhile, I highly suggest a group Skype session. They make the world feel right.

I love you guys.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. I'm so lucky to have shared it with you! I had so much fun and all of us (friends and family) were thrilled to give you that camera.

    Please don't post any of the videos from karaoke night.

    I love you and once again, happy birthday.

  2. Mark, you have a good girlfriend on your hands! Now, you have no excuse to not blog even more often and come back with an amazing photo album. I can't wait to see what you capture! I love you so much, Kaylen

  3. That camera is legit and the pictures are amazing!
    Can't wait to see more!!!! (:

    Keep it up MARK! (:

  4. The pics are really good - can't wait to see more on your blog! And Liz had a wonderful idea....what would we do without her? :)