Poppin' Questions

I have not blogged since June 8th. The masses have been pacing rooms across the world in angst but here is the reason...


No, I haven't been taking pictures of hands....I have been plottin' and planning a proposal to my beautiful little lady, Elysabeth Hahm.

She said yes. (Details to be found here)

...get Lost my friends.


  1. It is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on a job well-done Mark! You are one lucky man!

  2. Holy cow omg!! Congratulations! The ring is beautiful!

  3. We are so thrilled. You've never seen so many little people so happy. The big ones are pretty happy too. The ring is stunning. Nice job. You won some major, major, major points with Ken for going about this the old fashioned way by asking for Elysabeth's hand in marriage.

  4. Mark Ratto, would you please stop following in my footsteps? Not only do you go to my alma mater, but you get engaged less than three months after me? Jeez. What are you going to do next? Move to New York City? I hope so... love you so much! I am so thrilled for you guys and to have Lys as my future sister-in-law. Love ya, K. P.s. you did good on the ring. It's gorgeous!