Costco to Flee Market

A few Saturdays ago Liz and I ventured across Seoul and landed at Costco, then at a flee market. This type of endeavor happens often with us. I am fortunate to be paired up with a mover in life. Liz gets the shakes if inside when the sun is up and the day of the week starts with an 'S'.

I shot this footage with my Lumix GF1 in a very innovative style. I'm something of a pioneer on vimeo. If you look at other videos, they are shot with nice lighting, good angles, smooth transition moments and a general understanding of what pleases the eye.

Ha!...I went a different direction.

I'm using, and again this is my invention, the shaky-handed-frequent-focus-turn-the-camera-for-no-reason-mode. It's wildly entertaining.

Untitled from Mark Ratto on Vimeo.

The music's good though.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. Actually that was Elysabeth's mom that said that above but apparently I'm logged onto Elysabeth's screen.


  2. How interesting to see a piece of the US in Seoul.....Costco pizza....

  3. HA HA...I just did the same thing Susan...somehow I am logged in as Steve....

  4. See Sharon? You and I should have been friends, with or without Elysabeth and Mark as the tie. We have more in common than both of being short (Elysabeth's observatio). And yes, this time I knowingly post this knowing it'll show up as Elysabeth. Susan

  5. I did not say "short." I think my exact words were "small and bubbly"! :-)

    And this is Elysabeth, by the way.

  6. First of all, I LOVED the video Mark. We need more of this! I want to see the movement of the city and this totally captured it. The music was really good and so was the film making. Who knew that there was Costco in Korea? That is crazytown.

    Secondly, the comment thread above is hilarious and very sweet.

    Keep it coming brother!



  7. 마크 티처,
    Why no video?