The Elder Trash Talk

So I'm walking down the street and this guy yells at me. It's a out of the corner of my ear and I turn to get the full version.

"What?" I ask in English.

"Why you no shave it?" an elderly Korean man grumbles back.

"What?" I repeat, somewhat sharply.

He then proceeds to make a shaving motion with his hand on his face.

I chuckled. "Ehh, it's cold outside."

As I turned to continue my walk I realized this moment will forever standout in my beard bearing life. I've had the thing, on and off, since I was 17. I have plenty of stories about it's positives and negatives and this one my friends, is both.

He heckled me for one, and two, he looked terribly disappointed when I answered his question. I could practically hear him calling me dirty western hippie under his breath as he walked away in disgust.

Buuuut, I could also hear myself telling a story about the time got heckled in Korea for having a beard. And that makes me smile. A big, bushy, burly and untamed smile.
{Susan and me eating mandoo. I picked this photo because it looks like we are staring the guy down. Unfortunately, Susan was not there to stick up for me. This pic was taken about three weeks prior to the beard heckle.}

...get Lost my friends.


  1. Ha! And you know I would have too! Stuck up for you, I mean!

  2. I guess even in Korea, people can't mind their own biz!! :)