The Whiff of Homesickness

You know it's bad when a puddle of water makes you think of home.

This weekend it officially cooled down. The breeze's actually felt like California and I had very distinct whiff of homesickness. Even walking by bodies of water ranging from fountains to a brown sewage puddle makes me think, "Man I want to go surfing right now."

It also does not help that one of my students rocks these surf-chic style T-shirts everyday at school. His name is Aiden and while his body seems stunted at about 1-foot-9 inches high, his head is as a big as mine. Making him the cutest little dude of all time.

But again, looking at him only makes me want to surf something.


Good thing I'm home in 3 WEEKS!

...get Lost my friends.

1 comment:

  1. I am homesick for you!!! Dave and I went to the Wedge on Friday afternoon cause there was some big swell coming from somewhere....thought of you.