A month of America

Ahh, America. The sweet smell of LAX, the neck stiffening traffic, the carbs, the large people, the beach, the feeling of familiarity. It is all beautiful.

I landed 3 days ago and the one thing that keeps wringing through my mind is the word, 'finally'. After a full year of teaching in Korea, I have finally come home...for a month,

My fiancé Liz and I are doing a month long tour through the states for weddings, family and friends. We spent two days in California, now we are cruising in Nashville for a wedding, then we head to Raleigh for chocolate factory manufacturing, fly up to NYC for my sisters engagement party and finally fly back to California for two weeks of living easy.

It should be a great ride.

Last Import-4
{Our first meal in Nashville. Man, I missed real food.}

...get Lost my friends.


  1. I can't wait to see you guys! Have an awesome time, though I know you will!

  2. Neck stiffening traffic, large people....LOL!

    I am viewing SoCal in a whole new way!