Raleigh, NC

Have you ever seen something big, before it could even be considered small. Like, have you ever seen a child athlete that didn't know the double-dribble rule but still dribbled with one hand. Or have you ever heard a friend sing at a causal occasion and thought, "Whoa, that voice could really move people."

Talent before greatness. Seed before Sequoia. Bricks before skyscraper.

I am referring to my brother, Sam, and his wife, Star. Together, they are constructing a shoppe, creating a brand, articulating artisan chocolate and building a dream, one coco bean at a time.

Liz and I visited Sam an Star for four days and really got to see their lives in motion as they build their bean to bar chocolate company. I must say, 'proud' comes to mind. 'Excited' too. Shoot, 'overwhelmingly impressed by how they are doing things the right way!' continues to go scroll through my head. It's just fun to see the guy that helped guide you through life continue to set an example for everyone around him. And to be partnered with a genius of all sorts, well, it's sweet. Videri Chocolate sweet.

Here is a little video of our time in Raleigh.

Raleigh, NC-'11 from Mark Ratto on Vimeo.

Videri baby.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. Still no comments on the videos huh? Well, I think they're absolutely amazing & even though it was hectic at the time, I'm glad you captured it all on film. Love you!

  2. Frankly - we aren't used to seeing any current blogs....used to be that we would look EVERYDAY! ....Okay - this was wonderful! I will probably look at it a couple times a day. And you captured that fascinating relationship with Ruth and Casey - amazing!