NYC + Fam = :)

Scents are distinct. But New York City wafts on a different level. I visit NYC often because my Dad and sister live there and I must say, the minute I get that subway smell 'city mode' kicks in. Non-stop meals, walking, camera action, family frenzy's and people watching ensue. It's generally not a vacation because my California roots generally equate vacations to beaches and relaxing. But not in NYC. Not in that metropolis filled with human interest gems.

But on this particular trip the focus was not NYC, but rather my wonderful family. For the first time ever, almost the the entire entity of the Ratto/Whitson group was in the city. We celebrated the engagement of my sister Kaylen and Martin Geaninni. Together, the two are on the cusp of completely infiltrating and influencing mass factions of the performing arts world in New York.

Below is a video of our time in NYC.

My family is rad.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. New York was amazing...this video makes me remember how precious it was to spend so much time with the family!

  2. Another amazing video - beautiful! Liked how you captured Steve's excitement! :)

  3. What a great way to start my Monday morning! I always love crying at my desk. I miss you guys so much already.

  4. um. i just cried at my office desk during the first minute of that video. and then i saw all the amazingness of new york that i had just been to and it sucks we just missed each other. Mark it's been much too long! -i