Bay Area - '11

On a drive to Northern California, the radio volume stayed low, roads stayed empty and my mom and I stayed in coversation I wish never had to end. The talk evolved, ebbed and flowed, calmed and jumped, became serious then lost itself in laughter, but, it never stopped.

We talked for six-and-half-hours straight. And for me, throughout my 30 day stint in the States, I never felt happier. Thanks Mom.

But once the conversation came to a halt, we found ourselves smack dab in front of mister chamber of commerce himself, Dave Ratto. My oldest brother, chef de cuisine, and future local politician. He plotted out a 3 day adventure that lacked no assortment of food, family and overt laughing. Dave has many gifts but his main and most important one is his addiction to loving his family. He can't get enough. And, being a member of that family, hanging with the guy is always a good time.

So, below is a little video of our time with Dave. Enjoy.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. Some things never change. Love it.

  2. Mark - that ride to the Bay was magical. And after it all, my overwhelming feeling is that I am honored to have you as a son. Thanks for capturing the moments!

  3. mark, tell me your brother will be cooking for your wedding... ahhah if not, its ok. but the video was awesome!