One year had passed since I stepped foot in America. I spent that year teaching tiny Korean kids how to read words like, "Happy", "Ambulance" and "Snow mobile". Consequently, I got tired. Repetition of basic English words for 6 hours-a-day puts a wrinkle in your forehead. So, I did the necessary thing at the end of my contract and traveled back to the States for one month.

In those four weeks my fiance, Liz, and I cruised all over the place. We hit Nashville for a wedding, Raleigh for the opening of a chocolate empire, NYC for my sister's engagement party, Northern California to hug my oldest brother and finally back home to Torrance, CA for friends and wedding planning.

The time back highlighted numerous things but really proved only one big thing: if Seoul had Trader Joe's and In-n-Out, it would be hard to leave. Thankfully, especially for my perfect mom, it doesn't.

The next few posts are of some footage I took. Please enjoy.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. Thank goodness that In n Out will never go to Korea! Hopefully, you get back before Trader Joe's decides to go international!

    And perfect mothers only happen because of perfect sons and daughters! Love you!

  2. just caught up on your blog. you are so cool. what a great thing to have for memories, so amazing!!! ~mel