The Art of High-Fiving

I love telling little kids to high-five. It's a beautiful thing.

Beginning Stages of High-Fives from Mark Ratto on Vimeo.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. just the cutest!

    now you have to teach them old english exclamations like, "Gee Golly!" and "Well, shucks!"

  2. by the way,

    your "ay yai yai yaiii"

    so KOREAN!

  3. Oh my, this video is money. I love it. Your editing is becoming really good really fast!!

  4. hahah this is awesome. what song is this??

  5. Hmmm. It looks like most of the kids need much doing to master the high fives. :-D It's wonderful. I think I heard you speaking in Korean (more than the ay, ay's). Is that right?

  6. "again..." was my absolute favorite line, when you said it in a "really? did you just try and pull of that kind of high five in front of me?"

    I high-five with my kids all the time. Only we have turned into them trying to reach my hand and me holding it as high as I can. The taller ones have no problem, since I am pretty short, but the little ones have started to take running head starts.. I have been hit on the head numerous times. haha, what kind of 2nd grade teacher AM I??