The newest member of the family.



Liz and I have been dating for well over four years and for well over four years, she has wanted a puppy dog. Well, Molly's the lucky little lady. She's unworldly adorable.

...get Lost my friends.


  1. No, No, No, No, No! You don't want a puppy now! You've got places to explore, people to meet, things to learn, not be tied down by the puppy. Although I have to admit, she's very cute. I'd take care of her anytime she needs a sitter. :-D

  2. Oh man!!! So cute. But seriously, is she house trained? Who will watch her when you guys go and explore the world? Have fun!

  3. Thankfully, Molly's not a pup. She's a rescue dog that we adopted. She's about 2 or 3 (no one's certain) and her temperament is VERY mellow. When she's outdoors, she's very excited, but when she's indoors, she's quite lazy :P

    Don't worry about us...no person or little fury thing will stop us from exploring. We'll either leave her, take her with us or if it is a multi-day thing, take her to Busan, where my dad happily volunteered to dog-sit her.