February Video

My life in February.


(PS-To watch it in HD, just on click the letters 'HD' down in the bottom right hand corner of the video.)

...get Lost my friends.


  1. oh man, where do i begin?
    the musicality- on point.. as always.
    the shots at the festival- so culturally satisfying.
    the quick monologue between Lys & I- I definitely see why people think we are related.
    overall, i hate to admit this mark, but you got me. you got me real good.

  2. i can't accurately express how much i love this video. your editing & shooting is getting so amazing. i love seeing your gift evolve & mature!

  3. Awesome! No words, just lot's of emotion! Miss you soooo much!

  4. MARK this was AMAZING!!!! you chose the right song for this video. love it!

  5. I am going againist the rule of the post. But as Mark & Liz get closer to coming home. I request only one video segment, which is more Mark & Liz shots, & to hear their thoughts! It is clear you have a huge following & I truly appreaciate the bliss you have provide this past year.

    Go Dodgers!!

  6. I just got a chance to watch this and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. The shooting. The editing (freaking AWESOME on the beat!). The song choice. The EVERYTHING. Holy Cow. You are talented bro. TALENTED.