T.V. Ready

In Korea, I get approached. Seoul buzzes with over 10 million people and about 10% of that bundle are different looking foreigners. You would think the fascination would fade.

Not so.

At times I have been zeroed-in-on by an old man, simply because he likes my beard. Other times, middle school students will put an iPhone in my face and start asking questions for an English class project. They ask me question like what sports do you like? Do you watch Korean dramas? Or, the worst so far: What is your favorite band, Metallica? To which I reply, "No. God no. America does not like them anymore. Please tell all of your friends what I just said."

At times it is very entertaining. At other times, quite inconvenient. But, in some rare circumstances, it can also be profitable.

My friend Michael called me on a Thursday and told me that one of the national T.V. news networks wanted some Americans in a news clip. The show's producer approached him at a random coffee shop and just simply started talking. He mentioned that they just wanted to interview us about Korea and film us walking around.  "And, oh yeah, they will pay us 50 bucks," he slips out over the phone.


So, on a slightly chilly Saturday, my good friend and I joined a crew of four Koreans, two other interviewees from Japan and had us a nice little day on camera.

 ...get Lost my friends.

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