Photo Club

Today played out as such. I, and six other wildly creative people, waddled into a cafe around 11:30 a.m. and simply took it over. We set up shop in a separated room in the corner of the two story cafe, drenched a chair with our jackets and littered a table with our photo gear.

The beauty of photo club is that it's not really a club at all. It's just a bundle of my friends sitting, talking, laughing, sharing and simply enjoying the moment. Sure, we eventually take pictures. But it's not about that. It's doing instead of simply saying.

One day, one of us said, "let's start a photo club."

We did.

Last week, another person said, "let's make a stop motion video with a piece of paper being the main character."

So, today, we did.

I really like it.

Here are some pics I took after we finished our video (which
I will post next week).

P1060385 P1060407 P1060369 P1060358 P1060351 P1060324 ...get Lost my friends.


  1. i'm so excited to see too!

    and i like that picture of liz and me

    1. Dude, I tried uploading them from my iPad and they came out all fuzzy. Bumskies. But I re-posted and they look much better.

  2. What was the celebration-parade about?

    Soooooo happy you posted.....I have been feeling starved! Love you!

    1. The parade was at the National Folk Museum and it was for the first full-moon of the year. Groups like these will cruise around a neighborhood and "bless" the homes or restaurants of any one who will give them a little cash and some rice wine.

      It's a cool little scene that stems from way back in the day.

  3. I can't wait to see this stop-motion video! ~mel