The Art of Walking Slow

I used think of long slow walks as a sign of depression. A sign that you (or the mid-aged bedraggled woman that trudges through the sand on a lonely beach at sunset by herself) walk to get away. Being from Southern California, I used to think a long walk meant you are either depressed, disappointed or lost. A long walk became a soul searching endeavor done alone.

I used to walk slow when Liz lived in another part of the world. I have not had those types of walks in a while. Thankfully.

But here, the walk simply walks. It moves slower and slower as the destination nears. You do not walk slowly to get away but rather to stay in contact. The art of walking slow in Korea never happens alone. People arm in arm lose sight of the world in front of them. They simply listen or talk to the one person in the world important enough to be next to them for the walk.

This past weekend I walked with a buddy of mine I met in Italy a few years ago. He teaches down south in Busan and on our walk he looked up at the slow moving yet crowded coastline walking-trail and said, "You know, if Korea knows one thing, it's how to make a walking trail the right way."

Do not get me wrong. This culture moves fast. Determined, if you will. But front them with a table of Korean food, beer and rice wine and an after-meal walks will always ensue.

{A few locals taking a walk after a meal in the beautiful Busan. Photo courtesy of Elysabeth}

I like these walks.

....get Lost my friends.

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