My first trip to Busan

My first bullet train zipped me into my first relaxing weekend in Korea. I traveled with Jamie, a friend of mine since middle school and one of Liz's best friends, on Friday night to meet Liz at her Korean families house in Busan.

Simply put, the comparison to the states run as follows: Seoul is like L.A. and Busan is like San Fransisco.

I agree. Considering it lines a huge harbor, has a giant bridge over that harbor and looks all together nicer at first glance than Seoul ever will, the comparison feels very true.

Here are some beautiful pictures Liz snapped on our short two day stint that was wonderfully hosted by her dad Stephen.

{A shot from across the harbor.}

{Liz, looking real smooth.}

{Me, scooping a cup of water at a Buddhist Temple, Jamie, taking a pic of her boots.}

{Puddles on the temple walkways.}

{Me walking over a oddly dangerous bridge for a Buddhist sanctuary.}

{Liz made it look easy. Athlete.}

{These women were not as confident in their athletic abilities.}

{The last meal before leaving Busan. I kind of enjoyed it. ;-) }

A great first trip, of many, to Busan.

...get Lost my friends.

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