To lighten the mood in a classroom of stressed 5-year-old's, I sometimes waltz in and fake fight the little tykes. I snap an air chop here, throw a phantom sweep-kick there and even fake being hurt for their viewing pleasure.

They like this. Even the girls will attempt and jab or two just to be in the fray. Smiles sprout from their faces for these two-minute soire├ęs. Everyone is happy.

Except one kid.

Oh no. He takes this moment serious. During my flurry of fanning the students with fake punches, this boy waits. And waits. And...waits.

Then, after I begin to rattle off, "OK...OK...OK, that's enough sit down," and the other students begin to disperse back to the rug, he starts his approach. I don't see it coming, but I feel it when it hits.

He walks stealthily to within two feet of me, winds up and WHAMMY! I get a swift kick to my shin bone. For a split second I get pissed. But when I look at his face beaming with a smile of glory, I remember that Taekwondo is Korea's national sport and I immediately respect him more for doing what he has been trained to do.

...get Lost my friends.

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