I Got A Bike. So Stoked.

I got a bike. A good one. And for a good price. This is big for me because while on it, my palate for discovering nuances of my new life is frothing.

1.) I have discovered that instead of taking a 30-minute metro ride with cramped and grumpy Koreans I can get to the same spot in 20 on my bike.

2.) I have discovered that riding in the shadow of a sunrise along the Han river with perfect music eliminates the possibility of a bad day.

3.) I have discovered that stuffing your right pant leg into your sock to avoid chain catching or rubbing saves lives and dry cleaning bills...I officially apologize to all of the riders I mentally called 'dorky' at UC Irvine.

4.) I have realized that a fanny pack is very practical when riding a bike. It holds plenty and erases the threat of sweat stains from backpacks...Again, I officially apologize to all of the riders I mentally called 'dorky' at UC Irvine.

5.) I have discovered women and children will not move out of the way in Korea. As a matter of fact, women will cuss at your swerving-self while kids scurry to get in the way. ( I don't like this discovery)

6.) I have discovered that the stigma of Asians being bad drivers is America's fault. You see, out here, everyone drives crazy, thus creating a very alert and controlled driver. In America, Asian drivers must be weirded out by people following rules, thus the timid entries into corner turns.

7.) And finally, I have also discovered getting Lost on a bike. (So much better than on foot)

{There she is}

{I'm pretending to fix the bike while Liz takes a good pic.}

Get Lost my friends...


  1. Omg just spent twenty minutes laughing off my head reading your updates. So so great! Bahahaha I'm still giggling to myself... I'm such a dork. Keep blogging!

  2. still nothing compares to the rust bucket you left me. I still get shout outs for offers. I've though about selling it, but the couch will go first if I need the cash.