I Hate Taekwondo

I've said it once, I'm saying it twice and I will most likely saying it again and again--I hate Taekwondo.

A country that trains kids in Taekwondo, is dangerous.


So I'm teaching right. Everything is going well. The kids are laughing, I'm laughing, everybody is having a good time. Generally, after my 30-minute session of singing the ABC song, I say 'Bye bye class!' and they all rush in like metal marbles to a magnet. Each vying for hugs or sleeve grabbing, maybe even a little arm hair petting. After a moment of group hugging, I start pulling them off one by one and try to get to the door. This is very normal.

But on this particular day, one of my little Korean students had a different version of the goodbye hug in mind.

Eddie, who stands about pocket high, reared back and unleashed a Dragonball Z style two-handed side punch to the 'oh-so-sensitive-region.


I kid you not, I dropped to my knees and could not breathe for about 5 seconds.

While the rest of the class began a free-for-all dog pile on me, I pleadingly looked toward the my Korean co-teacher for help. She was giggling.

I hate Taekwondo.

...get Lost my friends.

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  1. Seriously, these kids feel so comfortable around you! Is this normal? You must ask one of the ex-pats if they also receive this kind of treatment. Miss you Mark!