Turning 22

Liz had yet another birthday this past weekend. It's getting a little ridiculous. Every year, they keep happening...ZING.

Oh yeah, I'll zing yah.

Anyway, Liz has turned 22. Her big two-one was in Lyon, France last year ( a phenomenal three days) and the two-two happened in Seoul. I'm sorry America, this chick simply does not want to celebrate with you. Good thing she has plenty of people to celebrate with throughout the globe, and plenty to celebrate.

She recently shoved away any doubts or anxieties about moving out here by getting a job at an English radio station. She's almost famous. She has a great group of friends. All of which came out for her celebratory trudge through the city streets of Seoul on Saturday night. Thank you guys.

Her connection to her father out here has been a perfect evolution of discovery, love and support. They have the same smile, or maybe they smile the same way at each other. Either way, it's really cool to witness it unfold naturally.

And finally, she has a ton of love coming from the guy typing this.

The small details our Sunday together are not important so I thought I would post some pics to serve as a small outline.

{We went to the Seoul Tower.}


{I etched our names. The Korean couple below it thinks we are nail-bitingly cute.}

{We then made our 'lock of love' to put on a fence at the base of the tower.}

{My 'lock of love' gesture was obviously very original and not something I discovered on google, I swear...Liz and I were jealous of the bike lock couple. That's real protection.}

{It's cute though.}

{Then of course, you must huck the keys off the mountain to symbolize locking it up forever.}

After our trip to the tower, we settled into a cozy restaurant for a glass of wine and talked about how good her birthday was.

We both agreed, it was the best yet.

Get Lost my friends....

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