The Intimate Mover

Last night I was walking back to my apartment with my headphones in when I caught a peripheral of a man waving and yelling in my direction. I looked and he smiled back. I was the target of his excitement. I did not recognize this man but while I processed all of the people I have met in the last six weeks he had already hustled up to me. So, I took out my headphones and heard this.

"I am Woobong Shin," he said. I just looked back.

"I like America," he said. I kinda smiled back.

"Do you need truck service?" he asked. I shook my head, no.

"OK, well, you are teacher, yes?" he asked. I nodded my head, yes.

"OK! The teacher in Korea is our best profession. I move Americans!" he yelped and gave me his card while completing the interaction by giving me an unannounced bear hug before I even said one word.

He stamped off and I put my headphones back in and looked at his card. Along with his name, cell and a picture of his flatbed truck, it read:


Despite the fact that I did not say one word, felt slightly violated on the hug, did not know what he was talking about and missed the signal to cross the street because of him, I enjoyed this exchange.

Thanks for the hug Woobong.

Get Lost my friends...

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